Liquor sales trend upwards along with COVID-19

My fellow inebriates,

BC’s government has included booze stores on its list of essential services and it seems shoppers agree. Booze sales are up 40% since the COVID-19 crisis began.

Not only that—buying patterns have changed.


D2003 liquor sales trends

Bigger is better these days.

Fortunately there’s plenty of booze on the shelves, so we’re not seeing toilet-paper-style fights. But there’s a slight air of panic in my local booze store as we customers position ourselves two metres apart and transact through a plexiglass shield. No wonder we feel like drinking.

Why I’m not shaking paws

My fellow inebriates,

Some people aren’t shaking hands because of COVID-19.

I’m not shaking paws with people because everyone seems to be out of toilet paper.

And as my mum pointed out, bears like me are absorbent.

Luckily, we made our Costco run just before the madness started, so we have abundant TP. I reckon we should spend all the money we saved on booze.

Toilet paper meme Mar 12, 2020