AC/DC Beer—Enjoyed from the closet

Today my mother said I was plaguing her work life! Apparently, when she communicates via email with a certain consulting firm, her name doesn’t come up in the field—mine does! And even when she manages to banish me on her end, Liquorstore Bear still crops up for her client!

Of course I was overjoyed to hear this. It’s nice to know one’s name is getting around. But my mother has been a little short-tempered with me. So I’m doing the Right Thing and confining myself to the closet with a can of AC/DC beer. Named for one of Scarybear’s favorite bands, AC/DC beer is incredibly ordinary, if that’s not too oxymoronic for you, and delivers 5% alcohol in a grainy, light, German-style lager. So, yes, I totally love it. And even though I’d like to say more about it, nobody’s willing to do my typing.

ACDC beer

FEAR THE BEER—A birthday postscript

My Fellow Inebriates,

There was no cake and there was no Scotch. But my mother, oozing with generosity, bought me one beer (most of which she then dumped into a vat of lentil soup). The beer was called

Fear the Beer

The Langley address is that of a group of non-government liquor stores in Langley, BC. From what I gather, the lager is actually brewed in Prince George, where my mother was conceived out of wedlock many years ago and which smells of sawmill effluent.

I think it is the worst beer I have ever had.

Who would win? Derek or HERMANN’S DARK LAGER?

Sat down with one beer for one episode of Ricky Gervais’s new Netflix show Derek. Next thing you know it was three shows and two beers. (We have to ration ourselves—there are only seven Derek episodes and even fewer beers in the LBHQ fridge.)

My fellow inebriates, I’ve never seen anything like it. Not only did I learn a new song; I also laughed my ass off and blinked away some tears. Holy crap, MFI, I almost forgot about the beer…

We’ve had this one before: HERMANN’S DARK LAGER, and it really hits it out of the park, as does Derek—about which not one word more because I don’t want to be a stupid furry idiot and wreck it. But check this picture out. I got it from Mr. Noakes himself, who has his own Twitter account.