The case for lowercasing “covid”

It’s here for good.

It’s evolved into something milder.

Maybe it is the new flu.

When words have firmly entered the vernacular, we tend to lowercase them.

As in: “Eat my ass, covid.”

So I think we should lowercase it. Hear that, Canadian Press and all the other style guides out there jostling for primacy and torturing various copy editors I happen to know? Let’s do this.

And with that, I’m pouring myself a scotch.

LB with a big glass of scotch.

I just hear “Johnnie”

Are you in the “Yanny” camp or the “Laurel” camp?

LBHQ is divided—or at least the humans are: two for Laurel and two for Yanny.

I just hear “Johnnie.”



How candy distracts us from our goals

I’ve been thinking a lot about lost opportunities. Kind of like this bear cub here going into a liquor store—and heading for the CANDY.

I assure you, my fellow inebriates, if I ever get a chance to enter a liquor store, I will head for the single malt scotch.

This little bear cub could use a mentor.