Videoconference Call Bingo – Pandemic Edition

My fellow inebriates,

My parents are doing a lot of videoconferencing lately. Let’s just say not everyone is up to speed on the technology yet…

C2024 Videoconference Call Bingo - Pandemic Edition

How wine can protect you from COVID-19

My fellow inebriates,

All over the world, people are scrambling to improvise makeshift masks. My auntie sent me this suggestion.

C2022 coronavirus mask

A new theory about dinosaur extinction?

My fellow inebriates,

I’m an absorbent bear, so I’m sure my elbow is full of nastiness. I wouldn’t touch elbows with me. As my mother said yesterday, “LB, you’d make the most unsanitary bar rag.”

At least I’m not a T-Rex.

C2021 T-rex meme

My thanks to one of our good friends for passing this meme along. We have no idea where it originated.