Maury Christmas, my fellow inebriates

The 21 Christmas decorations your home needs, my fellow inebriates

OMG, my fellow inebriates, can you believe it? My parents have really let me down this season. I’m supposed to be commandeering Oprah’s Favorite Things, showing you how to make nasty liqueurs out of cheap Canadian whisky, and being the usual nuisance. But my parents SUCK, they really do. Supposedly there is just no time for poor little LB and his capsizing blog.

I’m practicing typing with my paws, but you know, it kind of looks like this:


So….until the alcohol starts flowing again at LBHQ, here are some lovely ideas for making your holidays festive. Martha Stewart would envy this stuff, my fellow inebriates!


Yet another reason to eschew solids

This goes double for my mother, who only rarely succeeds in making pancakes without forgetting an ingredient (flour, anyone?). I’m sticking to beer, my fellow inebriates. If only we could buy beer at Walmart.1450074_10151729015371459_1134124206_n