Is your Halloween checklist complete? The must-have ingredient you may be missing…

The Halloween shopping happened today.

One black cat with sparkly ears and pink wig…Check.

One jeweled princess with spare doll-size outfit (guess who’s wearing it)…Check.

Two pumpkins sitting outside so they don’t rot before the big day…Check.

Six bags of Halloween candy…Not safe to buy it yet; my mum will devour it.

Pumpkin carving kit…OMG, pumpkin guts make me barf! I hate being near that stuff. What if they try and rope me into it? OMG!!

Vodka to make a Pumpkin Divine…Not yet…

After all that relentless shopping, could they not stop into the liquor store for some Grey Goose and triple sec, then find out where the hell Martha Stewart’s enemies might find pumpkin butter? (What the crap is that anyway??)…Oh hell, just vodka would have done. Somebody make one and tell me how it tastes! Meanwhile, I’ll make one here with…gin…and Malibu. Close enough.

7 thoughts on “Is your Halloween checklist complete? The must-have ingredient you may be missing…

  1. When I taught kindy in Korea, every year we carved pumpkins with our classes. One year, everyone’s pumpkins except mine were infested with maggots. Yeah, so they make me barf too.

    • oh, blechhh! That’s enough to make me leave the pumpkin out of everything this year. I just about throw up at FRESH pumpkin, never mind maggoty pumpkin. Indeed, something to look forward to.

  2. Todd says:

    Dear LB: What will your parents be carrying in their flasks as they make the rounds with the fam on Halloween night? What do you hope they will be carrying? What is your strategy for copping a pull?

    • My parents are totally boring so they’ll probably be toting Starbucks. I still don’t know which one will get the short straw and do the rounds this year; the other gets to sit at home answering the door and (I hope) getting drunk. That’s the parent I’ll be with 😉

  3. LB: have been lurking for a while and first: CONGRATULATIONS on Freshly Pressed! I bow to greatness. Have also loved your other prior posts. Every day is Halloween around these parts so my writing and commenting have been scarce.
    I must try your pumpkin cocktail. In the meantime I’m sipping coffee with a milk/pumpkin liquor. Cheers and good luck on your upcoming costume and battle with the mini Snickers bars.

    • Rachael, I have been missing you and wondering how it goes in Vegas. What’s going on?
      As for Freshly Pressed, *thanks*…I always knew if it happened (and I was sure it wouldn’t), it would be for a totally uncharacteristic post, not for one like today’s on butchering raccoons. Sigh. The FP gods have very mainstream tastes.
      You have pumpkin liquor??? I don’t think we have that here!

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