STEAMWORKS PUMPKIN ALE—Interesting, maybe even good, certainly not abusive

Over the last month pumpkin beer has had its way with LBHQ—much the way the kids have had their way test-driving Halloween costumes with yours truly.

We’ve had so much Halloween-inspired beer that  last time we went beer shopping our brains shut down and we bought macro beer. The pumpkin beer thing had just started seeming (and tasting) kind of gimmicky.

With the exception of LOST SOULS CHOCOLATE PUMPKIN PORTER, in which pumpkin and its associated spices take a backseat to chocolate and, well, beer, these pumpkin offerings have been a little irresolute about what they’re going for.

STEAMWORKS has already impressed us with its steampunk-inspired bottle and pleasantly hoppy PALE ALE. But how does its PUMPKIN ALE perform?

Chihuahuas…there for the cupcakes.

Dark and opaque with an apt orange tinge, STEAMWORKS PUMPKIN ALE wafts pumpkin pie spices aplenty. For seasoned pumpkin ale drinkers this might be very welcome. For occasional indulgers, it’s a little confusing. And for bears who eschew solids entirely, it’s a whole new experience. I mean, it’s a little random. Where was the turkey-flavored Thanksgiving beer? Are we getting poppy-seed beer this Remembrance Day?

Importantly, the spices in STEAMWORKS PUMPKIN ALE aren’t overwhelming; they’re just a little too interesting perhaps. On the palate they don’t dominate, but the beer does end on an unexpectedly sour note. Not abusive like this:

Just weirdly dessert-like and a little precious. I don’t think any respectable hobo would bother with it, especially at $5.50 for 650 mL.

For those fellow inebriates with moustache concerns, STEAMWORKS PUMPKIN ALE won’t leave a cloying residue on your facial hair/fur. I spilled quite a bit of it on myself and have still managed to escape the washing machine, possibly because I licked it up, which animals do.

4 thoughts on “STEAMWORKS PUMPKIN ALE—Interesting, maybe even good, certainly not abusive

  1. Wanting to try the LOST SOULS CHOCOLATE PUMPKIN PORTER you mentioned a few posts back. Have yet to taste a pumpkin beer this season.
    Damned poverty! At Halloween no less.
    Donctha hate the end of the month monetary blues?

    At least have a birthday coming up in 2 weeks…
    oh wait. Grandmas are dead as well as one parent. Fuck. No more great checks like the good ‘ole days! -grin-
    That’s okay, plan on a visit to Taste of Wine (check it out -we call it BoozeWorld here in Reno) to try a few of the Fall seasonal brews after payday.
    Believe Taste of Wine is only extant in northern California and northern Nevada. Great prices and tastings of many wondrous beverages on the weekends.

    Many thanks as always for the reviews. You are a bear after my own heart. Happy New Year!
    OH, and we DO have Brokers gin here. It is amongst the cheapest offerings in the gin selection. Saw that you have been recommending it though. Will purchase a bottle next week.
    Personal thoughts to follow.

    Trick or Treat
    Smell my feet
    Give me something good to drink
    -no really. have to sit relatively sober Halloween as my college student daughter has planned some kind of obscenely large party… to take place in my creepy basement.
    Plan on a few cocktails. then nailing down the Roseville, Fiestaware and rare Ouija Board collection.
    Probably the toilet paper as well…..

    • I only just got my internet connection back; I think Fluffy sabotaged it. I will have to learn more about Ouija boards from you so I can combat him.
      Yes, buy the Broker’s if you can and the LOST SOULS while it’s still available. It’s all sold out here…*sniff*
      Two weeks till B-day? We will make a cake…with booze in it of course. But right now that means gin or malibu. Sigh…poverty does suck.

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