STAY HOME and have a drink

My fellow inebriates,

The hashtag #endtheshutdown was trending on Twitter this morning. After all…

D2010 Dinosaur economy


A four-ring circus

Dozens of journalists tweeting about how gross their hotels are…

Kevin Bishop tweet

Mark MacKinnon tweet

Stacy St. Clair tweet


Vladimir Putin’s alleged extramarital partner bearing the torch

Photo by Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images


The fifth ring failing to deploy…

Fifth ring no goIt’s a four-ring circus, my fellow inebriates. I ask you, would this have happened if Russia hadn’t scared all its gay event planners into hiding? Certainly not.

I prefer a five-ring circus.


Rocking the red carpet with all six teats

My Fellow Inebriates,

Two days after the Academy Awards, Twitter and other social media scenes are finally calming down about Anne Hathaway’s nipples. If you missed it, Hathaway’s Oscar win was upstaged by high-beams poking through a rose-pink Prada gown.

anne hathaway 3

Tweeted Perez Hilton: “Anne Hathaway’s stylist should be fired for not forcing her to wear pasties! HELLO NIPPLES!!!”

“What’s the big deal?” asked my mother, as we gawked from the living room in a way Ryan Seacrest couldn’t. “I was stuck on a plane once watching Love and Other Drugs, and Anne Hathaway is naked for, like, the whole movie.”

Trying not to look

Trying not to look

That may be (my dad and I will have to look into it), but somehow the Prada dress came across as more provocative than actual nudity. But what about that Prada dress, people?

Who wore it best?

anne hathaway 5 copy


Yeah, my fellow inebriates, you know who rocked this dress. Ms Hathaway may have wowed us with her assets, but she’s got only two teats, and bears have six.