A four-ring circus

Dozens of journalists tweeting about how gross their hotels are…

Kevin Bishop tweet

Mark MacKinnon tweet

Stacy St. Clair tweet


Vladimir Putin’s alleged extramarital partner bearing the torch

Photo by Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images


The fifth ring failing to deploy…

Fifth ring no goIt’s a four-ring circus, my fellow inebriates. I ask you, would this have happened if Russia hadn’t scared all its gay event planners into hiding? Certainly not.

I prefer a five-ring circus.



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4 responses to “A four-ring circus”

  1. Ed (The Dogs of Beer) says :

    I like that the Russian’s doctored the footage shown in their country so as not to show the “fifth ring fail”. Cameron from Modern Family would have never allowed this to happen.

    • liquorstorebear says :

      Precisely. I saw someone post on FB yesterday that they wanted everybody to stop “hating” on Russia but, really, given the very public human rights abuses, it feels good to laugh at their expense.

  2. Indra Anderson says :

    Goodness, I didn’t even know Putin was married! And now I learn he has a lover too. Now that news borders on the unbelievable.

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