Bring on the rancid meat and boozicles

What the hell does this mean, my fellow inebriates?


Fresh part only?

fresh 2

OMG, what can that possibly mean? Is there a section of the store where you can buy the rancid part? The putrid part? Because maybe my parents should buy those parts and use the savings for alcohol. Which would kill whatever nasties are in the meat.


Oh, what the hell do I know? I don’t eat solid food. Except maybe these

10 thoughts on “Bring on the rancid meat and boozicles

    • My mum said maybe it means they freeze some of the meat, and this is the part that didn’t get frozen–so, fresh vs frozen as opposed to fresh vs rotting. She said I had a naturally sordid mind and so I’d automatically gravitated to the latter idea. I think she was just trying to rationalize the fact that she’d fed it to the kids.

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