The Fluffy files—exorcism after exercise (Olympic exercise)

My Fellow Inebriates,

I almost forgot to mention I received a reply from the exorcism people. So nice, too, so helpful. I really didn’t expect it.

If you weren’t around that day (I’ve no idea what day it was), here’s my initial query:

They were really prompt!

I felt really bad that I’d missed the message and did my best to explain why.

So the Fluffy situation is progressing, peeps. But we might have to wait until the Olympics are over.

Take that, Fluffy!
The Olympic Cross being blessed by Fr. Simon, with youth leaders from the Joshua Camp.
Credit: The Catholic Church in England and Wales.


2 thoughts on “The Fluffy files—exorcism after exercise (Olympic exercise)

  1. Hmmm. I seem to remember that it’s mainly Jesuit priests who perform exorcisms, or at least the IRL priest who inspired “The Exorcist” was Jesuit. Maybe that will help narrow your search for a good priest who’s not too busy watching the Olympics to cleanse Fluffy’s bowels of demonic spirits.

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