Can Sylvia Browne solve the Fluffy problem?

My Fellow Inebriates,

We bears were left to our own devices Sunday, as Dad was helping my uncle (he doesn’t know I call him that) mount a TV. I was resentful because (1) presumably there would be beer there; and (2) Fluffy had just destroyed our TV with his mind, and I wondered how my dad could bear to fondle another man’s television when our own was kaput.

Dad says Fluffy really didn’t destroy the TV and that I am just being a dick. Why would Fluffy destroy the TV? He likes TV. In fact, watching TV is the only activity that suits his catatonic demeanor.

Fluffy possessed copyOkay, so maybe Fluffy didn’t deliberately break our TV. He probably just hasn’t learned to control his mind powers yet. If he goes too long without letting off some paranormal steam, the result is a telekinetic ejaculation the likes of which might wreck a TV or a dishwasher without him actually intending it.

So we need a solution, otherwise all our electronics are in danger. What Fluffy needs is a controlled way of releasing his telekinetic energy and whatever other occult stuff he’s got going on so we can all live in peace. He needs his own Psychic Channel.

sylviaheadshotI contacted Sylvia Browne to see how she built up her psychic empire, not just because I don’t have a clue how Fluffy should proceed, but because I wanted to know if she, too, had been having difficulty blowing her telekinetic load before she founded her Inner Circle. But Sylvia Browne is huge! You can’t just send her an email. You have to use her corporate customer service form (unless, of course, you subscribe, in which case I’m guessing you could ask her a question, also for a fee).

 sylvia browne form

Dear Sylvia,
I don’t have $850 for a reading but I figure you’re doing okay so you won’t mind answering a quickie for free.
There’s this bear in our house who used to live with my dead Granny (well, not when she was dead, but before that). Then he moved to my house where he started making stuff move around and break. He’s wrecked the dishwasher and the TV plus a few other items. I don’t know why he would break the TV—he likes TV—but maybe you can figure it out.
My main question is: Is there such a thing as blowing your telekinetic wad? Does this happen to you? Or did it before you started your corporation? Should we start a similar corporation?
 Liquorstore Bear