“Guy Exists on Beer Alone for Lent”

Check it out, my fellow inebriates…there’s this dude in Iowa who’s giving everything up for Lent except beer.

beer for lent

And to my parents: Tell me why we’re behaving so godlessly?? We could be doing this too.

What the hell don’t we like about Catholicism??

Oh. Right.

Dan Lacey's painting of then-Cardinal Ratzinger wearing pancake vestments

Dan Lacey’s painting of then-Cardinal Ratzinger wearing pancake vestments

But we totally like Dan Lacey’s painting.


5 thoughts on ““Guy Exists on Beer Alone for Lent”

  1. Would love to know how his Lenten fast impacted his work/weight/number of DUIs!

    “The first Lenten strong beer was brewed by Paulaner monks at Cloister Neudeck ob der Au in Munich. The Paulaners had arrived in Munich from Italy in 1627. . . The Paulaners felt, however, that such a strong brew with such delightful qualities might be just a bit too much of an indulgence for Lent. So they decided to ask the Holy Father in Rome for a special dispensation so that they could continued to brew it with a clear conscience.

    “The Paulaners dispatched a cask of Lenten beer to Rome for the pope to try and to pass judgment. During its transport across the Alps and along the burning sun of Italy, unfortunately—or fortunately—the cask tossed and turned, and heated for several weeks—a classic condition for causing beer to turn sour and undrinkable.

    “When the Holy Father tasted the much-praised stuff from Munich, he found it (appropriately) disgusting. His decision: Because the brew was so vile, it was probably beneficially punishing for the souls of the Munich monks to make and drink as much of it as they could! He willingly gave the brewing of this new, allegedly rotten, beer style his blessing. Little did he know…!”

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