Four more beers

My Fellow Inebriates,

I had no idea how stressed out I was about the American election until it was over. You know what it’s time for now…

11 thoughts on “Four more beers

  1. I think we’ll need at least one beer per swing state, but not counting the actual number of states, rather their electoral college vote equivalent. So, since I’m too drunk to math … a lot of beers.

  2. I love having the perspective of friends from around the world. I’m curious…I know why this election was stressful to US citizens, but why is it stressful to Canadians? What is the impact to you?

    • I guess because even the Conservative Party in Canada is leftist compared to any options in the US. Even socially right-wing Canadians are generally supportive of fiscal safety nets, social programs, etc., so when the Republican Party takes power in the US there’s a sense of pressure on Canada to move to the right, simply because the US is so powerful and because we often tend to piggyback on US international policy. Canadians are fearful of having social programs clawed back, and a generally right-wing climate makes it seem like a more looming possibility. I realize I’m conflating international and domestic policy in this overgeneralization, which is to say the sense of dread at a Republican government is sort of vague and misshapen. Generally I don’t like the idea of Stephen Harper being of one mind with the leader of the most powerful country in the world! It provides him with too much justification to promote unwelcome and hurtful policies and to chip away at women’s rights.

      • Oh, I see…I appreciate the comprehensive response. I supported Obama this time just as I did the first time, but I must confess, I’m more worried now than I was then. I know he has his reasons that our economy will work out, but business owners seem to think otherwise. The Dow average plummeted yesterday as stockholders sold off their shares. I am concerned that they are preparing themselves for some tough times for business. A colleague told me that her brother got a lay off notice yesterday – the boss had told him that if Obama won, he would have to lay off two people. However, I believe that the gridlock that has plagued his first term will ease up, as the objective of the gridlock in the first place was for the expressed purpose of preventing a second term. Maybe now they can work together to pass some measures that will actually help the American people.

        • It’s really shocking the way there was so much effort put into blocking Obama at every turn. He seriously didn’t get to make the progress he wanted to. As for the business leaders, it’s too bad the corporate paradigm seems to govern what successful leadership looks like. This desperate need to post profits without accountability and to paint taxes as the worst-ever thing that could happen to a citizen when Romney himself pays only 15%!!! Yikes…I really am happy to pay more taxes in return for a more caring society.

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