A birthday cake? You shouldn’t have…

Check it out, my fellow inebriates…my belated birthday cake.

Well, not just mine. I had two co-celebrants: a poodle and a chihuahua. Note (if you can make it out) the doggie candles. It seems we had no bear candles.

It is a marble cake with white chocolate and milk chocolate drizzle. According to the humans it turned out pretty well, although if you visit the recipe page you’ll note the absence of kirsch, brandy, rum, Bailey’s, Kahlua, or even Malibu!

And I am freaking terrified of fire.


11 thoughts on “A birthday cake? You shouldn’t have…

  1. Happy (Belated) Bearday LB! Need the cake recipe. Being fellow Scorpios we have exsanguiating circumstances….
    Hope your day was fab. Wish me luck next week when it’s Birthday time again at YoYo-Dyne.
    Booze Good. Fire Bad.
    Hitting OVER the Fucking Five OH…. priceless.

    -looks at liquor cabinet just contemplating the idea-

    Addendum: LB: Once you hit 50 you are to begin subtracting a year for each birthday. Will never catch up with you but it does feel a bit better.
    Keep this in mind as you nom the left-over cake.

    • The parents are on their way to the big 5 OH although it’s doubtful they’ll ever be able to afford Hawaii at the rate they’re going. Yours must be coming up soon…what’s the day? I will drink something special that day 😉

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