What a liquor cabinet’s NOT supposed to look like

Friends, this is our so-called liquor cabinet.

Look at it. Goofy wine charms, but is there wine? Nooo. Big-ass wine bottle opener, sure, but is there wine? Holy crap, no. They’re storing instant hot chocolate and muffin tins in there.

And books. And old gift bags. Oh yeah, and did I mention the bottles in there are mostly empty?

I bet all of you have more impressive liquor cabinets. Let’s see your pictures, my fellow inebriates—maybe we can exert some pressure on my parents to smarten up and devote a reasonable area to booze. If you have a pic of your liquor collection, send it here and I’ll post it.

2 thoughts on “What a liquor cabinet’s NOT supposed to look like

  1. LB, my liquor cabinet is a small portion of the small bottom shelf of the kitchen pantry. There is one bottle in the wine rack…. of brandy.
    Was in Napa Valley and Calistoga two weeks ago.
    So many tasty wines to sample. Due to the fiscal crunch here at YoYo-Dyne only thee bottles were purchased.
    Ummmmm they’re all gone, but luckily my gal pal brought over a bottle of tasty Sterling chardonnay she had left.
    Other than that 1/3 of a handle of Tanqueray and quarter bottle of Bacardi.
    Plenty of tonic and limes though. And cheap-ass beer.
    Guess I’m missing out on the Carnation milk 😦
    Luckily I had my camera stolen in Vegas last year…. your cabinet looks far better than mine.

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