Happy Tesla Day!

My dad has a total boner for Nikola Tesla. I always wondered why, and then I read about him in The Oatmeal:

Click this pic to get hilariously schooled on why Tesla rocked and Edison was a douchebag.

OMG! I had no idea! Nikola Tesla was awesome!!! And Thomas Edison really was a dickhead.

For an even more scholarly version of Tesla’s accomplishments, check out The Drunk History, Vol. 6 with Crispin Glover and John C. Reilly. All history lessons should be like this one.

Toasting Nikola Testa with a double G&T! Dude, you ruled.

9 thoughts on “Happy Tesla Day!

  1. My favorite two inventor/scientists are Nikola Tesla and Paul Dirac. Tesla was the best inventor ever.
    And I couldn’t make heads or tails of what was going on in my quantum class until we got to Dirac notation. Then it was, ironically, like reading poetry.

      1. My pleasure. Yesterday was Tesla Day so there’s a link to The Oatmeal in yesterday’s post. Hilarious, and if you’re a Tesla fan you’ll get an extra kick out of it.

  2. Edison really was a dick. He used to have his goons smash movie cameras when film studios weren’t paying him for “his patents.” Nothing but a two bit mobster.

  3. When I was teaching, the kids once had to read a book about Edison and other inventors. I mentioned off the record that Edison was a jerk who stole all his best ideas from others, and come test day that tidbit made it into ALL their essays. Win. I didn’t have as much like with defaming Columbus.

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