The Oatmeal figures out my Friday

The Oatmeal is pure genius.

Only problem: no booze at Canadian Costco. Now I have to write to my MP again.

Happy Tesla Day!

My dad has a total boner for Nikola Tesla. I always wondered why, and then I read about him in The Oatmeal:

Click this pic to get hilariously schooled on why Tesla rocked and Edison was a douchebag.

OMG! I had no idea! Nikola Tesla was awesome!!! And Thomas Edison really was a dickhead.

For an even more scholarly version of Tesla’s accomplishments, check out The Drunk History, Vol. 6 with Crispin Glover and John C. Reilly. All history lessons should be like this one.

Toasting Nikola Testa with a double G&T! Dude, you ruled.