ASTROLIQUOR for April 20-26—What the stars say you should drink!

My Fellow Inebriates,

Here’s your booze horoscope:

Listen carefully to those around you this week, Aries. Someone is going to share the secret of an easy life. So keep your ears open…who knows, somebody might advise you to drop your entire paycheque on lottery tickets, and this is your week. Do it! Your best days for reckless investing are Monday and Tuesday. Pick the right numbers and you could be awash in vodka and champagne.

Taurus, life has been rough lately but this week brings a small reprieve. Not only do you feel calm; you feel strengthened by past challenges. Your new confidence will in turn attract people, ending your recent loneliness. What does this mean? You got it—you should start showering again. Don’t forget, because even though vodka is fairly odorless, the cranberry vodka vomit on your greasy old sweatpants isn’t.

Emotions ramp up at work, Gemini, as your colleagues prove what you’ve always suspected: they are dicks. You’ll find one ally among them, however—a Scorpio who shares your best interests but isn’t very smart. Does that mean your own interests aren’t very smart? That depends. Do they involve drinking a lot of rum on the job?

The usual advice is not to spread yourself too thin, Cancer. But this week is different. Try to be in as many places as possible so you always have one or even several alibis. This is an excellent time to ask people for money, as long as you get them drunk first. Try vodka and creme de bananes.

Leo, your brain is on fire with ideas this week. You find yourself at the pub nightly, talking a mile a minute, bothering other people for  money, then blowing the borrowed money on buying rounds. This is going to get you beat up.  The only ingredient that could make things more dangerous for you is Red Bull. Do not under any circumstances combine it with equal portions of Frangelico and Malibu.

It’s time to cut costs, Virgo, which means making your own booze. You’re hesitant, though, because of the well-known Virgo penchant for expensive liquor. Okay, so no dandelion wine or moonshine for you. But don’t you have a neighbor with a plum tree? Steal those plums and age them with some vodka, brandy, and sugar. While you’re waiting two months for your plum liqueur, you can drink Bud. You’re welcome.

Libra, this week features a happy ending of some sort. Make sure you enjoy it thoroughly before embarking on something new. You’ll be basking in the quiet admiration of others while you navigate your work life like a star. That’s the power of vodka in a flask. Just don’t take that confidence to the casino or you’ll get flattened.

A recent infatuation has dissolved, Scorpio, leaving you with the dry heaves. Try not to forget that this person did have some positive qualities, even if his/her best quality right now is absence from your life. Just as well; that person was all wrong. You need someone who won’t be fazed by the bedside bucket full of gin, vodka, triple sec, tequila, and limoncello.

Sagittarius, communication is your strong suit this week. You can tell anyone anything without fearing a bar fight. Your clear vision of the big picture allows you to disregard small details and accomplish projects that have been on the back burner. It’s a power week! Get all your shit done and congratulate yourself with some champagne.

There’s a shady Taurus in your immediate circle this week, Capricorn, so avoid spilling your dirty laundry;  it could come back to bite you. This might mean easing off on the beer consumption—at least around the questionable Taurus. Around anyone of any other star sign, you can get totally pissed.

Aquarius, you’re being provoked by other people, especially Cancers and Virgos. Just ignore them; they are total douchebags. Instead keep your eyes open for a Leo. This Leo wants to mate, but your stars are much better lined up for friendship. Share a 46er of rum and see what happens.

Pisces, you’ve got everything working on autopilot at work, which leaves you free to hang out with friends. It’s been a while since you’ve felt competent at work. Carry the momentum into the dating sphere, but take it super-casual, at least until June, when you’ll meet someone interesting. Vanilla vodka will be involved. And the good news? No one will have to call the police.

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