Conversation with my buzzkill parents

My Fellow Inebriates,

The holidays are drawing closer and nobody’s stocking up our liquor cabinet. That, coupled with my anxiety over my ebay bid on a Dan Lacey painting, is making things a little tense. Finally I sent my parents a link to my liquor wish list, reckoning that if they would at least address that, we could relax and be festive.

But my parents are buzzkills.


I do kind of like the kids. They don’t actually play with me very much, although I get my moments in the spotlight for sure.

This really illustrates how much empathy they have. They seriously don’t care if we have booze for the holidays or not.

So casual!

And so heartless. Say it ain’t so, people. I don’t have a plan B.

7 thoughts on “Conversation with my buzzkill parents

  1. note: poison cornflakes. not saying that this works, but I am out of room under the basement and am growing fabulous roses in the back yard. Plenty of room for alcohol,
    Sent genius daughter off to SF State U -she also enjoys the fabulousness of a wonderful cocktail. May have had other children but no one can prove it.

    Reno Storage: No reasonable offer refused.

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