I need some of this vodka!
This one’s for you, Stevie OB. Sorry I didn’t write it…I’m not lucky enough to have tried this fine product (yet).

Good Spirits News

Reyka Vodka (80 proof) – Drinking spirits and alcoholic beverages is pretty much a worldwide phenomenon, so it’s particularly surprising that in the entire country of Iceland, there is only one distillery.  Located on the west coast in Borgarnes, Reyka uses a mix of wheat and barley to create the mash, lava rocks gathered from the Icelandic landscape to filter the vodka and spring water from Grabök to bring it down to 40 percent alcohol.  Not only that, but they distill their vodka using one of only six Carter Head stills (see picture below) currently in use in the world.  Reyka truly is a unique vodka.

Visually it is pure and clear.  The nose is lightly sweet and has notes of rainwater on slate.  The flavor is elegantly balanced between sweetness and dryness.  The taste offers a varied pallette of Rock candy, toasted marshmallow, rainwater, minerals, vanilla yogurt, banana peel…

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