Of all the reasons to beat up on Corona beer, virality isn’t one

My fellow inebriates,

Today’s contribution to health/media literacy…

COVID-19 coronavirus Corona beer
A virus that’s taken the world by storm A garbage beer that’s losing market share because of name-brand association
Countermeasure: hand-washing Countermeasure: lime to hide the taste
Strength: usually mild; stronger if you’re older Strength: usually mild; stronger if you have 10
Symptoms: sore throat, fever, shortness of breath Symptoms: bad taste in mouth

Despite such helpful distinctions, Corona continues to be maligned for all the wrong reasons.

C2015 Corona vs Heinekin

Lest we heap scorn on people for being turned off Corona beer not because it’s crappy swill but because of name-brand association, remember the fate of Ayds candy. Some people think Corona should change its name.

That said, if you put a Corona in front of me (and opened it for me), I would drink it.

What do you think Corona should change its name to?