ROBERT MONDAVI PRIVATE SELECTION CHARDONNAY (2016)—even if the kids didn’t drive you to it, you deserve it

My fellow inebriates,

Every so often, Mum and I go to our local booze shop (I ride in her purse) and pick out bottle of wine. I salivate as she pays with her debit card. Usually, that wine becomes an accompaniment to Netflix after the kids finally consent to go to bed. Then… ahhhh!

Today, however, my mother bought—in addition to a bottle of ROBERT MONDAVI PRIVATE SELECTION CHARDONNAY (2016)—a turquoise gift bag. Immediately I knew this wine was not for us; it was for Miss V’s long-suffering grade 5 teacher.

Mondavi private selection

You’d think my mother would have bought two of these bottles so we could also drink to V’s graduation from elementary school—but no luck. You see, my dad hates Chardonnay, so my mother and I would have to drink a whole bottle by ourselves, and that never ends well. So she demurred.

Fortunately I can still share tasting notes because my Nana—who is way cooler than my mother—has brought this wine to our house before. ROBERT MONDAVI PRIVATE SELECTION CHARDONNAY is smooth with ripe fruit aromas and moderate acidity. As you sip, you’ll detect pineapple, green apple, mango, and vanilla. It also has a touch of that butteriness that Chardonnay freaks love.

If I were a teacher I’d drink a bottle of this every night. So (presumably) now Miss V’s teacher has an extra.

You really can’t pay teachers enough, as Breaking Bad taught all of us so long ago.


Thanks for the birthday wishes, parents, LOL

I was all prepared to have a classic alcoholic birthday. You know, wake up miserable about no one noticing the date, then hit the bottle.

And then Julia Gale of Broker’s Gin left this amazing message on my FB page.

 happy bday from Broker's Gin2

And humanity is redeemed. Who cares if my parents forget my birthday now? I have Julia, not to mention a wonderful bowler hat she sent me, allowing me to go from this:


and this:


to this:


and then to this:

LB breaking bad banner copy

Ahhh, Julia, you’ve made my day. And to all my FB friends and fellow inebriates, thank you!

Of course I still plan to hit the bottle ASAP.

Breaking Bear

It’s over. What will I love now? (Besides liquor?)

LB Breaking Bad profile pic

This bear is broken.