How wine can protect you from COVID-19

My fellow inebriates,

All over the world, people are scrambling to improvise makeshift masks. My auntie sent me this suggestion.

C2022 coronavirus mask

A new theory about dinosaur extinction?

My fellow inebriates,

I’m an absorbent bear, so I’m sure my elbow is full of nastiness. I wouldn’t touch elbows with me. As my mother said yesterday, “LB, you’d make the most unsanitary bar rag.”

At least I’m not a T-Rex.

C2021 T-rex meme

My thanks to one of our good friends for passing this meme along. We have no idea where it originated.

Reward the front line with booze

My fellow inebriates,

When the COVID-19 crisis is over, who will you buy a bottle for?

Think of your local nurse, paramedic, hospital technician or emergency doctor.

Not to mention grocery store workers, shippers, farmers, toilet paper producers and ANYONE WHO CAN KEEP THE KIDS ENTERTAINED.

Buy them something nice.

C2020 wine bottles