Punctuate this, parents

My parents are too busy to do my typing.


Asked what they’re doing that’s so damn important, they are…vague. But my mum says it has to do with punctuation. She is playing grammar police on some mammoth document or set of documents, and apparently this leaves us no time for blogging.

I want to argue with her but, let’s face it, punctuation matters.


2 thoughts on “Punctuate this, parents

  1. Alright, I’ll admit people (especially parents) need to know punctuation. I just recalled reading a name at work and thinking “That’s really bad. Poor kid.”

    Now, three weeks later I realized it was worse than I imagined because the parents actually should have put a comma in the name. The name Imunique. I thought, they named their child after immunization. They meant I’m unique.

    Not sure which is worse.

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