Unspeakable evil at LBHQ, and some Hallo-whining

My Fellow Inebriates,

LBHQ is overrun with kids. It smells like pumpkin guts. For some reason there is NO beer in the house. I feel almost as bad as the recent owner of this arm.

severed hand

But there are far scarier things going on at LBHQ. Remember my precious Canadian Cream?

I was so proud of our homemade booze.

I was so proud of our homemade booze.

It’s been in the fridge for eleven months. No one drinks it. And no one lets me drink it! And today, my mum wanted to shove a pumpkin pie in the fridge, and guess what was in the way?

My mother is evil.


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4 responses to “Unspeakable evil at LBHQ, and some Hallo-whining”

  1. beerbecue says :

    I can’t believe they made you watch that. Cruel and unusual punishment for sure. Although, it’s best you didn’t drink it. That would have torn-up your fuzzy insides for sure…and maybe resulted in some scary hallucinations.

  2. Indra Anderson says :

    Wow, this video is really going to help me keep the pounds off this Holiday Season. I’ve already lost my breakfast.

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