“Keep putting up those pictures of cats. Nobody’s doing any typing today, LB.”


drunk cat

3 thoughts on ““Keep putting up those pictures of cats. Nobody’s doing any typing today, LB.”

  1. Dd you know that one of the most searched phrases on YoYo-Dyne in the past year (besides teenage midget fetish raw bacon porn reno) was ‘cute kittens?’

    LB you’ve seen my blog. I used that tag once, More than two years ago. As a joke. Mentioned the tag in said blog as a joke.
    On a post about shrimp, hookers and a topless bar here in Reno.

    I love WordPress. Cheers to a buttload of hits on this one 😉
    You’ve got to let me know!

    • Ha! My email program saw all those tags of yours and immediately put you in Junk Mail. As for hits, well, talk about doing no work and getting paid; that’s what cats are for, it seems. I just hope we don’t accidentally hit the one that parks its ass in our driveway and won’t move for the car.

      • Gotta love the genius of SPAM filters heh. Wonder how much mail I’m missing from potential boyfriends?

        I don’t let Lizzie Borden outside. She is not only inbred but most importantly has never known another beastie: making her first on the buffet line menu.

        First time I have had a pet that hasn’t had room to roam.
        Last ex-husband actually ran over -but mercifully did not seriously injure- his dog due to the dog’s stupidity.
        Driveway Dimwit.
        The husband I mean.

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