Safe from the Apocalypse (I mean, maybe, I don’t know, we’re going to bed…)

Said Scarybear as one time zone after another safely squeaked out of December 21, “Yeah, well, I didn’t really believe the End of Days was coming. I was just worried some freak would turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Someone constantly writing about it perhaps. Someone misquoting me.”

“So if it happens in the next few hours, you’re gonna put that on me?”

scary 2

“Yeah. Weirdo.”

“Oh. So I guess I’d better get working on a horoscope, since there’s actually going to be a next week.”

“Nah. Sleep it off, buddy. Your horoscopes suck.”

“Damn it, Scary, I’m still going to write it. Tomorrow.”




2 thoughts on “Safe from the Apocalypse (I mean, maybe, I don’t know, we’re going to bed…)

  1. LB, ave you ever read Scarybear the classic (holiday) story ‘The Velveteen Bear?’
    Considering the differences in stuffing, disabled eyeballs, and refusal of the youngest LB to sleep with said creature ot seem an appropriate Chsitmas Eve story.
    SB may need a copy of the book in his stocking. Maybe a stolen vial of scarlet fever -that anthrax in the freezer for gramma (What vial?) can always be used at a later date-.personally recommend small dosage as childrenn grow to approximately age13.

    Anyway, Fire Good. Scarlet Fever bad. Fire Good.
    Worse? Horror stories devolved from Mayans and 7th Day Adventists.

    -and a little something extra for SB if he doesn’t get his bedtime stories together.

    Rachael ‘Wuornos’ Blackraven

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