Do painkillers have to ruin Happy Hour?

Shhhhh…we don’t want to wake Nana up. She emerged from knee-replacement surgery around noon (but was posting on Facebook by 4:00).

I wonder what’s in her IV drip?

Bet it’s something mega-mega-mega awesome. Probably so awesome that they won’t be wheeling the cocktail cart around her to her bed.


So what happens when Nana gets discharged from hospital? How soon can she get back to drinking?*

Those fantastic narcotics won’t last forever; they’ll give way to stand-bys like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. But which jives better with Happy Hour?

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is processed through the liver, as is alcohol. Combine the two and your liver has to do a lot of work, which, if prolonged, can lead to liver damage. In fact, the recommended maximum daily dosage of acetaminophen is halfway to the point where your liver starts getting overwhelmed (OMG!). I don’t think they’ll give Nana a liver transplant when she’s already had two knee replacements. That’s going to the well a tad too often.

Maybe ibuprofen (Advil) would be better. But ibuprofen is tough on the stomach lining. Especially when there’s a risk of ulcers, it shouldn’t be combined with more than a couple of drinks, and food is a wise accompaniment.

Looks like Nana can’t get drunk right away. Guess I’ll have to do it for her. I love her very much, so I don’t mind.


*My question, not hers (just in case she doesn’t want to ask)

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