The ultimate liquor cabinet

My Fellow Inebriates,

I found the most rad liquor cabinet ever and immediately brought it to my parents’ attention.

This amazing wood-paneled liquor cabinet with mirrored interior was created by Colin Johnson.


I truly believe that, if we had an epic liquor cabinet like this at LBHQ, we would drink more liquor. Moreover, we would drink more blue liquor, more gold-flecked liquor, and more alien-style cocktails. It would rule, people.




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5 responses to “The ultimate liquor cabinet”

  1. The Waiting says :

    Holy crap! I will lend you the money! That thing is epic!

  2. Ed (The Dogs of Beer) says :

    If it walks across the room to deliver the booze to you, while playing the theme from star wars (or the storm trooper theme) then it is a must have!

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