OMG, my fellow inebriates, I keep asking my dad when we are going to buy some proper bar accessories.

He usually says “never.”

And today my mum said, “Would you rather have an amazing bar and nothing to stock it with? Look at the liquor budget and make your choice.”

So I asked if we could have something small. Small and lovable. But they said the “small, lovable things” in their life were giving them a headache.

My thanks to George Takei and his constant stream of interesting and cool photos. I have no idea where he got this one.

My thanks to George Takei for posting this amazing picture…I ‘d never have known about Bar2D2 otherwise. My dad and I need this, no matter what Mum says.

Do you think they were dissing the kids? Or….or?


Get busy, kids

You can’t walk through P & V’s room in the dark without puncturing your foot. There are all kinds of teeny hazards, not least of all Lego. P & V should get busy and make one of these. We need it.

Photo credit: Pedro Vezini via photo pin cc

Photo credit: Pedro Vezini via photo pin cc

Three hours of Jar Jar Binks…

Three. Really. THREE. Hours of Jar Jar Binks.

We are gradually making our way through Star Wars with the kids. But THREE HOURS OF JAR JAR BINKS.


But R2D2, you are welcome any day. You are useful.

R2D2, on the other hand, is a useful character. You are welcome at LBHQ anytime, R2.