My Fellow Inebriates,

I suspect Julia Gale of Broker’s Gin likes me quite a bit.

I know, I know, that’s not very modest, but she’s sent me some very lovely messages lately. True, they’re mostly reassurances that I’m not forgotten—*sniff*—even though Martin Dawson and Andy Dawson couldn’t fit me into their Vancouver business trip.

The important thing is that they accomplish their mission: reestablishing Broker’s Gin on the BCLS shelves.

Whether or not they succeed, I feel that Julia and I have definitely established a solid friendship. And whatever they are paying her at Broker’s Gin…they should double it. No, triple it.

Just look at some of our conversation snippets:

“refined and distinguished”

“recovering from the compliments”

“sausage fest”

“small handcuffs”

“bed and/or sofa-ridden”

“cavity searching in my absence”

“bear fetish”

“unnatural acts”

“herding eels”

“safe word”

“between Barry White and a pornstar”

“slippery with velvet paw pads”


“yours ever”


All right, so I might have said a lot of those things…but I still think Julia gets me somehow.

I think she genuinely wants me to drink gin.

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