CHAIRMAN’S RESERVE—the spiced rum for hedonists

My Fellow Inebriates,

This morning’s drink recommendation comes from Taylor, who writes:

Husband and I recently visited St. Lucia, and quickly fell in love with their home brew, Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum. The normal Chairman’s Reserve Rum has a vague taste of whiskey to it, but the Spiced is this amazing blend that is tasty enough to drink straight.  It is made with nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, and richeria grandis…which is perfect to mix with eggnog.

I had some minor hesitation about circulating this information, principally because I don’t go in much for husbands. A husband takes Taylor out of the running for LB-style stalking, not because of any well-defined boundaries I have but because I am totally chicken-shit.

Still, this rave review is impossible to ignore. CHAIRMAN’S RESERVE Spiced Rum is by its own admission hedonistic, and egg nog’s seasonality electrifies pleasure seekers with a mad urgency to combine it with any and all varieties of hooch before it exits the market.

I get the sense that Taylor went all-out with her egg nog adventures. One of my favorite things about the Internet is that it prompts sharing:

All I did was pour 1 part rum, 4 parts nog, and shaved fresh nutmeg on top. The result is an orgasm-worthy performance of flavors in your mouth. 

I hope Taylor will forgive me, because when I first read this I had just ingested a skullfull of vodka, and things were a bit blurry on the page…er, screen. So I just saw RUM NOG SHAVED FRESH ORGASM-WORTHY PERFORMANCE FLAVORS MOUTH.


Obviously I have to get myself some CHAIRMAN’S RESERVE.

I’m really grateful to Taylor for peppering her booze review with keywords that will probably generate a decent spike in readership for me. I hope you’ll all visit her site as well—it’s lots of fun.

Okay, now what word can pull me back from the gutter? Let me think. Oh yeah—husband. That takes me back to booze, and the rest of Taylor’s recommendation:

Chairman’s Reserve Spiced is also amazing with ginger or root beer. My favorite combo (outside of the eggnog, of course) is Barq’s root beer. The bite of Barq’s against the spicy-sweet taste of Chairman’s is just an exhilarating combination. I’ve already converted a plethora of friends who only swear by beer to convert to the dark side.

These are awesome ideas for rum! So when you’re shopping for egg nog, pick up some Barq’s as well—that way you won’t have to mourn the departure of egg nog at season’s end. Maybe you too will be a convert just like Taylor’s friends (and I’m not surprised she has a plethora, are you?).

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