Taste the rainbow

My Fellow Inebriates,

I’ve always wondered what Skittles were for. They are so bright and shiny that it’s hard to trust them. But here’s a nifty use for them: Skittle-Infused Vodka.

Shocking colors! Vodka for the bored.

What a shocking color! They’re sexy, they’re vivid…But why would we do this? What on earth are we doing to perfectly good vodka?

First of all, what do Skittles taste like? Plenty of Skittles came home in the old Halloween bags this year, so I had a chance to sample them.

Skittles are super-sweet, pseudo-fruity little pebbles, chewy with hard shells. Main constituents:  “sugarcorn syrup, and hydrogenated palm kernel oil along with fruit juicecitric acid, and natural and artificial flavours.” Mmmmm!!

So of course I’m ready to devote a giant bottle of Stolichnaya to the creation of Skittle Booze. Aren’t you?

Taste the rainbow if you dare.

It all raises the question of the age group liquor is marketed to. Certainly I’m on board with the whole idea, being a Skittles-generation bear, but my parents are too old to consider it. It’s too fun for them, too hip, too young. It crosses the line into candyland liquor that they can’t reconcile with a very dry gin martini.

Basically, they’re being killjoys again and telling me I can’t make Skittles Vodka. So I want YOU to do it, friends, and tell me all about it!


3 thoughts on “Taste the rainbow

  1. I think Stoli is great in nearly every flavor! Did this with licorice chips…mmmmm My problem, the short people who live in my house. Far too much temptation. Maybe I could hide it….right!

    • I have that same problem! The little people are fascinated by everything we do, and they think anything candy-like is automatically for them. There’s very little chance our our actually doing the Skittles project, but it’s sure neat to see others’ efforts!
      Licorice chips, eh? That sounds just kid-unfriendly enough to give it a go. Cheers!

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