No brains, please, I’m trying to quit

I happened upon my mum cutting up what looked like brains for supper. She said that if I weren’t so preoccupied with liquor I wouldn’t have been so shocked, because cauliflower is quite a familiar vegetable to most people.

There isn’t really any reason for me to know about cauliflower. It looks disgusting, I don’t think even wild bears eat it, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t factor into any known cocktails. But just to be sure, I checked with Drinks Mixer.

I love Drinks Mixer. It’s the most all-powerful, comprehensive booze resource I’ve ever encountered. Their Drinks Widget, which unfortunately doesn’t yet work with my site (although they’re working on that problem) can find you any drink, based on name or ingredients; you just have to type it in and hey presto, you get a bartending how-to. I love love love love LOVE Drinks Mixer.

My dad says I lack one of these.

And what I loved most about it today was that when I entered “cauliflower,” into an ingredient search, it gave me nothing. Nothing! Cauliflower has no business in any drink. In fact, it has no business existing. It looks like brains.

2 thoughts on “No brains, please, I’m trying to quit

  1. Stevie OB says:

    Cauliflower. Have been searching and searching for alcoholic drink containing so said veg but cannot find one single recipe. I would have to agree LB that this is for coating with cheese and eating rather than mixing. Thought there might be one recipe out there dude.

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