BLACK WIDOW Mild Ale (Tin Whistle Brewing Company)

My Fellow Inebriates,

Between worrying about an asteroid bashing into the earth (tonight!) and trying to persuade my girl Dolly that bestiality is a victimless crime—especially when yours truly would certainly not contact PETA if she resumed our canoodling (not that I have any traction with PETA after attempting to rehydrate my Sea Monkeys™ with vodka)—I’ve gotten behind on my drinking.

This is mostly the fault of my parents and their lackadaisical attitude toward liquor shopping. I’ve actually given up on them, which is where my small readership comes in:

Psssst! If you have any liquor—if you have brewed any beer, fermented any wine, cooked up any moonshine—let’s talk. I’d be happy to review it, and odds are my review would be favorable. You see, I believe that all alcohol has value.

And while I’m waiting for the FedEx human to show up with a case of something delightfully brain-blurring, I’ll tell you about the one beer I did get my paws on yesterday: BLACK WIDOW Mile Ale, produced by the Tin Whistle Brewing Company.

I was initially disappointed to see an alcohol percentage of 5% on the bottle. I’d just enjoyed Tin Whistle’s superb KILLER BEE ale two days before and been thrilled at its 6%, and so I was inclined to stick with a winner, but instead my mum bought the BLACK WIDOW.

We poured it into Reidel stemless red wine glasses. (Why? All the better for experiencing the aromas of a well-crafted beer.) BLACK WIDOW wafts a strong, toasty barley aroma up front, underlaid with coffee, caramel and woody hops. It has a lingering, leathery-dry finish that reminded me of a good stout, but with more crispness. It was so flavorful that I cried real tears when it was finished.

I RECOMMEND acquiring a bottle of BLACK WIDOW just in case we all survive Armageddon tonight and end up needing a pick-me-up tomorrow.

What's your poison? Drop me a line.

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