What is this bear doing?

My fellow inebriates, I need your help. What is this bear doing? And why does it have beer? (We don’t even have any in the house.)

Pabst bears

Okay, so is it barfing out a rainbow? (When my mum worked at Expo ’86 they used to call tourist barf a “technicoloured rainbow”). Does Pabst mean to tell us its product will make us vomit? Or just panda bears, who are notoriously picky about what they consume? (OMG, don’t get me started, MFI, they are not even real bears; they don’t even have the same number of chromosomes as Scary and I have.)

And if it’s not chucking up those two cans of Pabst, is it making some sort of social commentary?

Your thoughts, my fellow inebriates.