You mean we could have moved to the Brewery District?

If you think alcoholic bears are impulsive, you should have seen my parents house-hunting. They took the first house they looked at. No research. No deliberation. No agonizing.

But I’m wondering if they made a mistake. Check this out.

To think we could have established the new LBHQ in the Brewery District. I mean, even making a point of knowing these things, I had no idea we even had a brewery district. Apparently it is “exciting and vibrant,” or will be once it’s completed, with (presumably important) proximity to public transit, hospitals and police. OMG! How could we have missed this opportunity?

Where the hell is the so-called Brewery District? My first guess was the south foot of the Burrard Street Bridge, where Molson Canadian belches out yeasty-smelling effluent. I would have loved to live there, people. But it turns out that’s not the Brewery District; it’s just an area dominated by a giant macro brewery.

The new marketer-spun Brewery District is in New Westminster. How could I not have known this was a particularly beer-oriented locale? (I think my parents really should have known, don’t you?)  I mean, sure, the development’s not ready, and when it is, it’ll consist of little child-unfriendly high-rises, and we’d have to yank the kids out of school and across the city, but…beer. We’d be living the dream, my fellow inebriates.