AC/DC Beer—Enjoyed from the closet

Today my mother said I was plaguing her work life! Apparently, when she communicates via email with a certain consulting firm, her name doesn’t come up in the field—mine does! And even when she manages to banish me on her end, Liquorstore Bear still crops up for her client!

Of course I was overjoyed to hear this. It’s nice to know one’s name is getting around. But my mother has been a little short-tempered with me. So I’m doing the Right Thing and confining myself to the closet with a can of AC/DC beer. Named for one of Scarybear’s favorite bands, AC/DC beer is incredibly ordinary, if that’s not too oxymoronic for you, and delivers 5% alcohol in a grainy, light, German-style lager. So, yes, I totally love it. And even though I’d like to say more about it, nobody’s willing to do my typing.

ACDC beer