WordPress gets nosy about college

WordPress prompt: What colleges have you attended?

My fellow inebriates,

After a few softball questions that even a drunken bear could answer, WordPress is getting down to business with its daily prompt.

As a bear, of course I haven’t been to any colleges.

a) I’m a bear.

b) Many college students (I hear) carry bear spray around. While it is probably meant for rapists, it could justifiably be repurposed for a bear.

c) I’m still too young for college. Maybe I’ll sign up for Athabasca online in a couple of years. If they take bears.

d) I have trouble finishing things, unless the things are drinks.

What do YOU think of this nosy question from WordPress? Do you think WordPress is trying to determine our social credit scores? OMG!

My biggest challenge

WordPress prompt: What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is having paws instead of hands. I can’t open this unless my dad helps.

Not just nostalgia but sadness

WordPress prompt: What makes you feel nostalgic?

My fellow inebriates,

I feel nostalgic, and also sad, because the death of ex-Pope Benedict reminded me of this painting.

Dan Lacey’s painting of then-Cardinal Ratzinger wearing pancake vestments

The painting reminded me of the artist, Dan Lacey, who died of brain cancer 11 months ago.

Dan was very kind to me when I ordered a print from him (not this one but this one). I thought he was an absolute genius and would have hung his paintings on every wall if I were in charge of the art at LBHQ. (My parents have vetoed Benedict.)