Ha! My parents wish someone would ID them.

My Fellow Inebriates,

As you know, my parents are ancient. It has been decades since they were carded at the liquor store. But this cat looks like it IDs everybody.



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4 responses to “Ha! My parents wish someone would ID them.”

  1. Indra Anderson says :

    I love that he’s in front of the Tanqueray. You can have the rest. Just don’t touch my Tanqueray!

    • liquorstorebear says :

      Agreed! I love Tanqueray, although I’m really partial to Broker’s. Do they have Broker’s in your neck of the woods?

      • Indra Anderson says :

        Yes! They started importing it to the US awhile ago. It’s everywhere. Although a Kiwi friend turned me on to Lighthouse gin, because of my fondness for Bee’s Knees cocktails on a hot summer day. Beats the devil out of a mint julep!

  2. transparentguy says :

    That cat IDs everybody and silently judges them based on their purchases.

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