For the bears in my life…

This is for my friend Barry, who probably doesn’t deserve it because he’s been through a lot (OMG, refurbishment?)…but, well,  funny is funny.



And this is for my friend Blackie Bear, who often gets accused of being a picnic bear. He’s usually just, like Barry, waiting for a beer, but you know how that looks.

picnic bear


And last but (he would attest) not least, this one’s for my friend Scarybear, who has delusions of eating people and/or driving the BMW in the middle of the night.

Scary birthday sentiment


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5 responses to “For the bears in my life…”

  1. Indra Anderson says :

    Poor Barry! But a least he didn’t have to eat pooh leaves.

  2. beerbecue says :

    Argh. I missed this. Damn that Bear Grylls. Not even a real bear (although, neither is Barry). I’ve been tied up in house purchase and sale crap. Hopefully, once it gets squared away, I’ll be back up in the game.

    • liquorstorebear says :

      You’d better hope Barry’s not behind you as you type…staring at you in that very insistent way he has. He’s certainly a real bear, although he might be a kind of golem, what with that “refurbishment” soul-removal procedure and all. Do you ever wake up at night and find him just sitting there, looking at you?

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