CANTERBURY DARK MILD—A gateway to dark beer (but not crack)

My Fellow Inebriates,

I love Wikipedia, and here’s why. Click now before it gets edited! If you missed it, here it is: Wikipedia’s list of Toronto mayors, the last being the notorious Rob Ford.

Rob Ford mayor copy

There’s nothing more democratic than Wikipedia. And for that, it deserves a toast. If you don’t have some crack on hand, grab a can of CANTERBURY DARK MILD from Pacific Western Brewing Company. It’s dirt-cheap (for Canada), copper-colored with tan foam lacing, a malty, earthy aroma, and a strong caramel note. The sort of beer you can pound by the dozen, CANTERBURY is certainly too sweet and possibly a little too metallic, but it does the job when you need to get loaded for just a few bucks. Perfect for people and bears who don’t prefer lager, CANTERBURY is eminently drinkable and packs a reasonable 5.3% alcohol.


CANTERBURY may even serve as a gateway beer for MOLSON CANADIAN enthusiasts looking to level up. It’s mild and friendly enough to pique drinkers’ curiosity about other yummy dark beers, most of which are, quite honestly, better. There’s a lot to be said for gateway substances, as Rob Ford might well agree.

3 thoughts on “CANTERBURY DARK MILD—A gateway to dark beer (but not crack)

  1. Ander says:

    Dude: I’m just trying some CDM as we speak. For one, it’s not nearly as dark as the beer in that photo—it’s an amber, not a Guinness chocolatey-brown. For another, this is very ordinary beer. I mean, okay, it’s dark, and I understand it’s not supposed to be hops-forward (thus the “mild”, right?). But it’s very low on character. Thus I don’t get the “crack” reference at all. I’d say it’s a 3-star beer—and not very addictive, IMHO, when there are such better non-hoppy darks around.

    • I totally agree with you dude. CDM is one ordinary beer all right. It’s very entry-level, and that’s why it suggests “gateway” to me. Like, if your first beer was a double IPA, you’d probably never drink beer again, right? But CDM could get you in the door… Totally agree there are better beers!

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