“Tonights” wine? What the hell, Dad?

My dad is not one to forget his apostrophes (very often), so I knew, when he emailed this picture with the header “Tonights wine” that he must be totally f#cked up.

Tonights wine

Tonights wine

My friend Blackie Bear once told me his apostrophes are the first thing to go when he gets hammered, so it’s forgivable. WHAT’S NOT FORGIVABLE IS EMAILING ME A PICTURE OF A $28 CABERNET SAUVIGNON FROM THE OKANAGAN ON A DRY WEEKDAY!!!!

Even my evil mother is starting to think about cracking a bottle of wine.

8 thoughts on ““Tonights” wine? What the hell, Dad?

    • What extraneous crap, Miss R? I love hearing from you. Unfortunately my parents have kept me away from the computer this week. One of them was working on a liquor-related product and it was apparently confidential. Yeah right.

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