Coffee doesn’t have to suck


Coffee doesn’t have to suck! If, like me, you can’t stand the way it wakes you up and makes you more alert, there’s an easy fix. These pics are from Liqurious. Click for recipes.

Mexican Coffee

You couldn’t possibly be productive after a few of these. Equal parts tequila and kahlua with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in your coffee…I’m thinking you get the day off work.

Spiced Curaçao Coffee from Tiare Olsen

This looks really wholesome and homey with those cookies but that little cup packs 2 ounces of Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum plus some orange curacao for good measure. You could pound a few of these and give the cookies to your kids. Sounds wholesome, right?

Irish Coffee

This is a classic Irish coffee but with a modern flourish. For starters you need espresso plus a few crazy ingredients (maybe some of my fellow inebriates know what turbinado sugar is but I don’t). You need mint leaves, people! That makes it almost healthy, which means you should have seven. Take the next day off as well.

Cafe Amaretto

Amaretto, coffee, cream, and cognac…ahhhh! Guess which one of the four necessary ingredients we have in the house? (Hint: It sucks.) No wonder LBHQ is so uncivilized.

Pumpkin & Gingerbread Cocktail

This cocktail contains a bit of chilled coffee but is thankfully dominated by rum. Gingerbread essence and pumpkin molasses (Martha Stewart? What the hell are these things?) provide seasonal flavor along with some Kahlua for extra hooch. Replete with a gingerbread cookie garnish, it’s another family-friendly winner. How many cookies can your kids polish off? That’s how many drinks you get to have 🙂






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