We don’t have a proper word for this in English, my fellow inebriates.


“Pleasure in another’s misfortunes”

German, from Schaden damage + Freude joy

This pumpkin lager, from Parallel 49 Brewing, is called SCHADENFREUDE. I can’t even get at it. All I can do is sniff it.

Whoever took this picture has an excess of schadenfreude. And so does five-year-old Miss V, hanging out in the background.

2 thoughts on “Schadenfreude!

    • liquorstorebear says:

      OMG, I had to look that up! What the hell! That’s not in my superduperhumongous dictionary. And goodness, it means the same thing as schadenfreude. Well, color me a dumb little bear. For shame. Sure I was drunk, but…I’m always drunk.

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