And something DID happen next…

Yesterday was so awesome, I didn’t think anything could top it.

And then…

OMG!!!! OMG!!!!! Freshly Pressed, MFI (that’s “My Fellow Inebriates” for my new friends)! OMG!!!!

You guys have no idea what you’ve signed on for. Wait till you get your horoscope tomorrow. 🙂



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13 responses to “And something DID happen next…”

  1. Jan Simson says :

    That’s awesome! Congrats!

  2. mylifeisthebestlife says :

    I’m SO SO SO excited to be here. True story.

  3. shoes says :

    Fantastic! 🙂

  4. Ed (The Dogs of Beer) says :

    Congrats my furry little friend!!!! Well deserved!! Now I can say, “I knew him before he went big time!”

  5. catsinyourpants says :

    I’m drinking to you tonight!!!!

  6. Clip Snark says :

    Congrats to you!

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