The way to LB’s heart—visit with a bag full of scotch

My Fellow Inebriates,

I got lucky last night.

No, no—not like that. Dolly made herself scarce on New Year’s eve so she didn’t have to deliver on the midnight kiss. (I guess she’s serious about her aversion to rancid beer-stained fur.) But I got lucky in an even better way: last night my friend (hear that, parents? …my friend) Christine visited, and she arrived with THREE high-end whiskies.

So what kind of person shows up with a canvas bag full of single malt treats? My kind of person, that’s who. These whiskies were so exceptional that it would be unworthy to wallow in withdrawal—it was a privilege to sample them.

Reviews to come this week:

Talisker 18

Caol Ila 12

Glenfarclas 17

There’s no way I can write a review right now. There’s basking to be done in the still-lingering aftertaste of these extraordinary single malt delights. Talk to you tomorrow (with jitters).

7 thoughts on “The way to LB’s heart—visit with a bag full of scotch

  1. I had the pleasure of indulging in a bottle of Glenfarclas 30-year-old a few months ago; I’m looking forward to your review of the 17-year-old, when you are coherent enough to convey its greatness, of course.

    • Very nice stuff! Would love to see your tasting notes on that. Of the three I tried the other night, the Glenfarclas was my favorite–very balanced. Feeling painfully sober this morning, so I might just try to collect some thoughts together on it. Cheers!

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