Hawaiian Punch…what is it good for?

A valid question, my fellow inebriates. I like that little guy but what exactly is Hawaiian Punch and what the hell should I do with it?

Could this be Blackie's mom?

This is where a guy like Blackie Bear comes in. Blackie has a wicked sweet tooth and can always find a use for Kool-Aid, Hawaiian Punch, Sunny D and the like. And since he hasn’t produced any tasting notes for me on craft beers as he mentioned he might, I’ll quote his verbal advice:

Dude, those drinks are made for Jagermeister. That stuff is medicinal, bro, so you need to fix it up. Trust me, dude, Jager and Hawaiian Punch are the way to go. Cuz you don’t want to be drinking Jager straight.

I don’t?

What's your poison? Drop me a line.

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