I dream of gin

My Fellow Inebriates,

Let’s get something going to finish the weekend. Monday mornings suck anyway, so you might as well arrive at work green tomorrow.

It’s freaking cold out, but I have a lot of fur, so I’m going for a Watermelon Martini, made with gin. I miss summer, and although watermelons could bankrupt a person right now, I just want that summer taste.

$38. Going, going....

Admittedly I’m a little morose today…my painting will go to the person who can pony up $38 or more tomorrow morning at 5:00, an hour I’ve never been cognizant of on either side of bedtime.

Do you guys feel down in the winter? Bears are supposed to hibernate in the winter, huddled up with other bears. Their hearts slow down, and they’re tucked away from the wicked world all winter. I’d like to hibernate like a wild bear. But instead I’m going to get wrecked and pass out.